Review: Harley Quinn #12

harley-cv12_dsHarley Quinn #12 brought back a lot of what I liked about the direction that the Rebirth team, Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, were taking with Harley. She’s a lot more autonomous and a lot less Joker prop. Last time around I had some issues with the story direction, this issue was way more cohesive and showed a focus and direction that I could get behind. I still want to know what was lurking behind the mystery door on Red Tool and Harley’s adventure but, this issue was filling enough to tide me over until the next one comes out and clever enough to leave me wanting more.

This issue served up everything I love about the latest Harley incarnation, Conner and Palmiotti served up that wise talking bad ass lady boss we all fell in love with. She gives Tool the business for trying to white knight her with the Joker and, the Joker gets treated to what can only be described as Harley pulling a Reservoir Dogs style torture scene with Mr. J. We also get a glimpse of Madison’s master plan as she unleashes what appears to be her version of a supernatural Kraken from a cargo container on the Red Hook docks.

harley_12_5The writing is on point in this issue, there’s a cohesive story with real dialogue. Harley gets back her agency and we get to see her in all of her glory. The story was easy to follow and gave me hope for the issues to come, it also left me with just the right amount of questions to ponder while I wait for the next installment of what is shaping up to be an interesting story arc.

John Timms’ artwork is full of detail and shows off the emotions of the characters perfectly, it looks more like a storyboard for a movie which helped keep me engaged in the story. Chad Hardin provided a nice art assist in a much needed Harley dream sequence that showed her feelings on the reappearance of the Joker. Harding’ ethereal art style portrayed perfectly the thought process following escape from a toxic relationship. I would also like to acknowledge Dave Sharpe, the letterer for this issue who managed to give each character a unique voice. The Jokers’ bubbles managed to convey actual menace in them.

Overall this was a solid issue and a return to what I fell in love with about the Rebirth Harley. It was a strong read as a stand alone issue and a nice bridge to for what is to come.

Story: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art: John Timms, Chad Hardin (Dream Sequence)
Story: 8.9 Art: 8.9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review