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No, Geoff Johns Did Not Say He’s Writing Watchmen, But Did Hint at More #DCTV

rumorsWe’re not even a full day into 2017 and already the bullshit and clickbait is flowing on other comic sites. Numerous sites are reporting that Geoff Johns “said” he will be writing a Watchmen comic in 2017, or teased that he would. The only problem is that he did no such thing.

Here’s the series of Tweets of things he’s looking forward to in 2017 that led to the Clickbait storm.

That final tweet with the picture of Doctor Manhattan was interpreted by many to mean Johns will be writing a new Watchmen comic series, except in reality it probably means no such thing.

screen_shot_2016-05-26_at_14-19-28_vjuljcThis year DC Comics launched their latest initiative Rebirth which blended old and new in a new focus for the comic line. That initiative was spearheaded by Johns who worked with each creative team to shape their new direction and their role in the overall story arc that’s playing out.

At the end of the DC Universe Rebirth Special we get a few teasers that hint that Alan Moore’s celebrated work and characters have been involved with the “missing time” that is revealed in the one-shot comic. That comic, written by Geoff Johns, featured Batman finding a pin with a smiley face and blood stain on it. The same pin made iconic with the Comedian’s death in the Watchmen comic series. At the end of the comic we also get hints that Doctor Manhattan is keeping watch over the DC Universe and may be involved as he disintegrates two characters just like he did in Watchmen.

So, the characters are involved in the story, but considering Johns’ involvement, wouldn’t the more likely conclusion to that last Tweet be that he’s writing whatever “event” having to do with Rebirth is being released in 2017? And that event will reveal more about the involvement of the Watchmen characters?

A confirmation of Johns writing a new Watchmen comic series, we’d have to rate as “False” at this time, though DC did find mixed success in their Before Watchmen event a few years back.

However, there is news from those Tweets. Johns seems to indicate that we’ll be getting even more DC television with a new series coming!

In 2017 add one resolution to your list, “Say NO to Clickbait.”