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Review: Britannia #4


Antonius Axia’s nightmarish journey through the heart of the remote Roman colony of Britannia has brought him to death’s door. But when the world’s first detective confronts his deepest fears about gods, men and civilization, will he be able to complete the mission given to him by Emperor Nero, or will his mind collapse under the unfathomable weight of the void that now stands revealed before him?

The fourth and final (for now) issue of Britannia has landed, and by now you’ve probably got it in your hands if you’ve been reading the series. If you haven’t, then based on the strength of the first three issues I highly recommend you look for the trade paperback when it is released. Starting here wouldn’t be advisable, but I’m also not going to be able to stop you if you choose to do so.

Peter Milligan deftly brings the story to a close, and because I refuse to write any spoilers I’m not saying anything else about the plot. Just know that Milligan’s writing is superb throughout the series, and his ability to weave the Detectioner’s logic into the heavily supernatural world of ancient Rome that blends like chalk and cheese, but makes the story taste like chocolate and peanut butter. The dichotomy between the two worlds is both the backbone to the story and the central conflict that is resolved this issue.

And , as expected, it’s resolved in a suitably bloody way..

Juan Jose Ryp and Jordie Bellaire deliver intricately detailed page after page with a colour scheme that’s far from glossy. If you’ve ever wanted to smell the blood and dirt underneath the nails of a character, this is as close as you’re likely to get in a long time. Valiant generally always have comics that look better than many other series on the racks, and as a series Britannia  has some brilliant moments. The fourth issue is no exception as we’re treated to some brutal sword play, and the final moments before the epilogue.

Britannia was quite unlike anything I expected going in, and I bloody loved every page. Another home run from one of the best comic book publishers around.

Story: Peter Milligan Art: Juan Joe Ryp Colours: Jordie Bellaire
Story: 9.25 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review. I also have a physical copy on hold at my LCS.

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