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Review: Faith #6

faith_006_cover-a_tanAs Los Angeles’ high-flying protector, Faith has inspired the dreams of an entire metropolis… Now get ready to meet its worst nightmare! When an escaped psiot prisoner starts tearing through the streets, Faith must stop her fiery rampage before all hell break loose! But this isn’t just any ordinary threat… Not only can this empowered escapee drain the energy of everything in sight, she’s one of L.A.’s most controversial pop stars to boot!

Faith #6, written by Jody Houser and featuring art by new series artist Meghan Hetrick and Marguerite Sauvage  concludes the Dark Star story begun last issue tht had our hero searching for a girl who may or may not be under the influence of a black cat.

The story is more of a low key affair than some of the others we’ve seen in comics lately, but it’s the low key aspect that allows Houser to focus more on exploring who Faith is, and gives us time to get to know the character on a deeper level. Perhaps my favourite thing about the series so far is that the stories within haven’t been epic multi-part arcs that are written more for the inevitable trade paperback. Dark Star is a two part story that is every bit a complete story – there are the obligatory nods to the wider Valiant universe but nothing that’ll confuse you if you’re only reading this series.

Faith’s internal monologue shows a character who is brilliantly self aware, and frequently verges toward lampooning comic tropes, but never quite crosses over from  the homage side of the field – which is a truly entertaining thing to read.

Meghan Hetrick is one of the unsung gems of the art world, and if you have any questions as to why then take a gander at the pages in this comic. They’re stunningly rendered, with Hetrick capturing the subtlest of facial expressions on faces – the joy on Faith’s face as she flies is infectious, and were I able to fly it’s what I imagine my face would look like almost all the time my feet were in the air. Faith #6 is a wonderful comic with an ending that’s actually becoming less and less common in comics today; a satisfying conclusion.

Look, if you’re not too fond of the character then this comic probably won’t change that, but for those of us who can’t get enough Faith, then this is going to be exactly what you want.

With Faith #6 the creative team have hit another home run – this comic is the best thing I’ve read all week.

Story: Jody Houser Art: Meghan Hetrick and Marguerite Sauvage
Story: 9 Art: 9.75 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review. I also purchased my own copy complete with cat cosplay cover.

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