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Fresh Romance Launches as a Webcomic!

fresh-romanceEmet Comics LOVE webcomics! The company has launched a new website with the goal of bringing you new, exciting, and diverse webcomic content. In January 2016 they launched their first webcomic, Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting. You can read their latest webcomic, Zanaon their website or on Webtoons! At the end of November, the publisher announced it had acquired Rosy Press and would now be publishing Fresh Romance.

So, are there plans for a Fresh Romance webcomic?

Fresh Romance will be an ongoing webcomic, meaning they plan to keep it going FOREVER! Their vision for Fresh Romance is that it will be a mix of original content that they create and redistributed content from beloved creators around the world. They want the Fresh Romance tumblr to showcase the best of romance comics. And the aim is to offer inclusive and diverse stories that delight new and existing “Fresh Romance” readers!

fresh-romanceWhat will happen to the single issues of Fresh Romance?

The publisher is moving away from single issues to bring content you love both on the web and in printed volumes. This way, fans can read free webcomics online and they can focus on creating and delivering the stories you love.

For those who have purchased a 1-year subscription, they will receive a free digital version of Fresh Romance Volume 2 once it is complete!

Already existing stories from Fresh Romance Volume 1 released as a webcomic will introduce new readers to the Fresh Romance library and help build the audience later resulting in better sales down the road.

And volume 2 is coming! Emet Comics will be picking up right where Rosy Press and the creators left off and will be spending the coming year developing and completing new Fresh Romance stories!

We’ve got more details coming in an interview with Emet Comics publisher Maytal Gilboa.

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