The Walking Dead S7E2 The Well Review

walking-dead-5 photoFor a number of familiar faces, a new, well-established community seems too good to be true.

The Walking Dead‘ changes pace in the second episode of the seventh season as we get to learn about a new location, The Kingdom through the perspective of Carol and Morgan.

We got a glimpse of the Kingdom at the end of the sixth season when a person on a horse rode up to the two with Carol injured and Morgan trying to protect her.

The episode is a fascinating one for so many reasons.

The biggest thing about the episode is the perspective of the world through Carol’s eyes. She’s hurt. She’s broken. She’s seeing the world as it was and as it is, but at the same time she also has enough of her mind that she’s able to put on an act for King Ezekiel and his followers. It shows so much about Carol in that she not only is broken, but is still able to protect herself and act in a way unlike who she is to get what she needs.

But lets get to that Kingdom.

Through Carol we see the absurdity that is this new location. But, we also see how hopeful it is. And that’s the amazing thing about it all. The first episode was all about the loss of hope, but this episode is the complete opposite as we learn about this new community that’s built itself up on what amounts to fantasy.

There’s also an interesting reckoning in many ways between Carol and Morgan. The two haven’t exactly seen eye to eye and the episode is peppered with moments between the two that shows that even through the animosity there’s a respect and a friendship. The last moments of the episode, while simple, are also some of the most touching too.

The episode blends a pivotal scene from the comics that feature Michonne, but instead it’s Carol who finds out the truth about Ezekiel and the Kingdom as he gives a speech about why it’s needed.

But, there’s reality too.

The Kingdom too is dealing with the Saviors and have welcomed Morgan and Carol to their community knowing that they’ve dealt with the Saviors and beaten them in their own way. We get to see the friction and what they have to give up to their overlords.

It’s a lighter episode that brings back the hope and community and many ways. It also has given us some of the most entertaining characters in a long time. And with that, what was off the rails gets right back on and moving in the right direction and the conflict that’s still to come.

Those final moments of the show feel like they are a microcosm of so much of what the series is about. Community. Family. And hope.

Overall rating: 8.15