Review: Raven #2

raven_cv2Raven is “adjusting” to life in San Francisco with her Aunt Alice but, her dreams are keeping her awake at night. Some force beyond her control keeps trying to  pull her from her body. In the last issue she settled into her new human life away from Azar but, in Raven #2 she finds out that even if you run from the supernatural it can find you. The problem is that she doesn’t know what she’s facing but, whatever it is it can take people and pull her from her body.

Mary Wolfman is a story telling supernova! The story, the dialogue, even the exposition spins a web that draws the reader into the story and makes it impossible to put this issue down. Even the day to day activities of Raven as she navigates through high school, seem so real that you find yourself invested. Despite the little bit of time that we get to spend with Raven’s new friends, we feel invested in their safety and care as much as Raven does when Antt gets called into the void. Wolfman does a great job with the characters and does a great job by her readers by giving them something entertaining and deep to read.

Alison Borges‘ artwork is beautiful, precise, smart and evokes just as much emotion as the story itself. The attention to detail sucks the reader in and adds to the investment that you feel while reading and engaging with this gripping story. You can feel the powers being used , the color palette always matches what’s going on in the story. It’s dark and mystical when it needs to be and bright, airy and fun when it needs to be.

Overall Raven #2 is worthy of applause, praise and maybe a few rereads. Issue #2 is great as a stand-alone issue and as part of the larger arc. I loved reading it now and I can’t wait until this arc is over so that I can have it in TP form and absorb the awesomeness by reading the story as a whole.

Story: Mary Wolfman Art: Alison Borges
Story: 9.4 Art: 9.5 Overall:9.4 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy a FREE  copy for review