Review: Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Dracula

EVLDDRAC_CVR_BThe Evil Dead franchise has seen a life that has extended nearly 30 years since the first movie and continues on in a new TV series on Starz and multiple comics book series. It has spawned two sequels starring Bruce Campbell and a remake which starred a female Ash although was in the same spirit, did not quite live up to the originals. Which then gave the world the TV series, which stars the original actor and introduces some new ones, while never forgetting that horror does not need to completely serious. The comic series tends to also strike the same balance between horror and comedy.

This is where it gets interesting, as many of the publishers are huge fans of the series, as the character lives on at two publishing houses, Dynamite ad SGP. At Dynamite, the incarnation of Ash in the Army of Darkness movies, lives in his own universe, with the occasional crossover with just about every character at Dynamite from Xena to President Obama. At SGP, this incarnation of Ash is the one that lives on in the Evil Dead 2 universe and has his usual run-ins with dead-ites and other supernatural creatures. Both incarnations get Ash ‘s cynical wiseass ways in the most delightful way, while putting their own spin on it.

In SGP’s latest effort, Evil Dead 2: Revenge of Dracula, in this particular story, the Ex- mortis has revived Dracula, which for some reason Ash finds his mission to return to hell. As the solicitation expertly describes:

Dracula, the Prince of Darkness becomes the Prince of the Evil Dead Universe when his undead path crosses with Ash. When the stolen Ex-Mortis is used to revive Dracula, Ash must be the wooden stake that sends him back to the grave. But when Drac reveals the Ex-Mortis has also revived an even greater monster, Ash and the vampire must team up to stop it with the help of the Kandarian dagger.

Throughout this first issue, the reader not only gets re-acclimated to Ash but how insane this world he lives in is, as we get the hero version of Ash in this series, versus the Indiana Jones version Dynamite tends to push.

Altogether, a fun ride of a first issue, that packs quite a punch, while revealing just how scary Dracula is, it never loses its sense of humor. The script by Scott Peterson, thrives with fast paced knock arounds between Ash and Dracula the bigger threat. The art by Horacio Domingues, is vivid and elegant, and almost seems out of place at times in this world, but is definitely a work of art. Overall, a great read with excellent sequential art, that will satisfy any Evil Dead fan.

Story: Scott Peterson Art: Horacio Domingues
Story: 10 Art: 11 Overall: 10.5 Recommendation:Buy

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