Review: Throwaways #3

Throwaways03_Cover.jpg*Warning Spoilers Below*

Issue #3 of Throwaways starts with a flashback. We’re treated to a young Dean making his way through the woods. He’s retelling the day his father was captured and the feelings he had. We flash forward to Palmer still in pretty bad shape, they’re not sure what to do about her infection they just know that they can’t let the government take her back. In Palmer’s infection-induced fever dream, she thinks of her mother and being rescued after a long, painful , almost life ending trek through over the Af-Pal border.

The rest of the crew is unsure about how best to take care of her and decide to steal some antibiotics from a nearby vet to help her get back to something close to normal. Palmer is still seeing the ghosts of the dead she left behind but, her condition seems to be getting better after Kimiko secures the needed meds.

Meanwhile, Alice is on a mission to break Logan out of prison and she has him and is headed back to tier base camp for what I’m sure will be more than a father – son reunion. She breaks the news to Logan that his son still hates him for what he’s done and, a happy reconciliation or him joining in on his master plan is probably not in the cards. Upon Alice and Logan’s return to the compound, Alice hides Logan and checks on Palmer’s condition. Palmer is more than a bit angry at her current state but, Alice is more than willing to provide her with answers about her past and her lost memories. However, I’m pretty sure Alice is not the most reliable narrator and may be trying to cloud Palmer’s mind so that she will help her and Logan with their end game and , I’m sure that involves more than a family reunion.

Speaking of family reunions, Logan confronts Dean on a bridge as he tries to get a hold of his girlfriend. There is a tension in the conversation and a lot of anger. Logan tries to make jokes to lighten the mood and connect but, Dean is having none of it. A fight ensues and Logan gets the upper hand and explains to Dean that the program that took and changed him won’t ever stop trying to get him back. Logan tries to explain to Dean that he’s a special Alpha subject. The fighting continues and Logan pushes his son over the bridge so that he can activate his powers in a “gentler” way than the program would have done. As a reward, Dean punches Logan and sets him straight on the fact that the man he has become will never be like him. Before things get too heated between the two, Alice shows up to let them know that Palmer is awake.

Caitlin Kittredge‘s writing is on point in this episode and Throwaways seems to have gotten over their sophomore slump. The story is solid and not weighed down by trying too hard clever quips. The story flows seamlessly between flashbacks and present time and tells the story from all points of view without being bogged down.

Steven Sanders‘ artwork is pretty solid and deliberate. A nice muted palette to match the tone of the story keeps things somber and interesting. It also serves to keep the reader attached the story and invested.

Overall, Throwaways #3 has everything I loved about the first issue and turned the dial up to 11. We’ve got bad ass , complex women, interesting characters, a smart story and the story seems to have hit its stride with this issue and I hope it keeps going in this direction. This issue is more cohesive and character orientated making it a quick, deep read and it puts the Throwaways train back on track.

Story: Caitlin Kittredge Art: Steven Sanders
Story: 8.9 Art: 8.7 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review