Review: Death of Hawkman #1

tdohkm_cv1_dsResiding on Earth and out of the hero game, Adam Strange finds himself trying to live a “normal” life, until he’s literally pulled back into adventure again when a seemingly normal Zeta beam transmission returns him to the planet Rann, where he hopes to be reunited with his beloved Alanna. But instead he finds the once-great city of Ranagar in ruins, with millions dead, and the once peaceful Alanna is now calling for the blood of Rann’s oldest enemy, Thanagar, home of the Hawkmen. Sensing something is amiss, Strange finds an ally in Hawkman, who also is trying anything possible to avert war.

Two characters I don’t really care about? That’d be Adam Strange and Hawkman. They just never really interested me. However… Death of Hawkman #1 has me rethinking that.

Written by Marc Andreyko, Death of Hawkman is interesting in that this first issue is actually mostly about Adam Strange. Yeah, there’s a little switch in that the issue is mostly a flashback telling how Strange wound up side by side with Hawkman in the middle of a battle. That take is both unexpected and really welcome as Strange feels like the character by which we’ll be able to connect with and thus enjoy the story more.

The comic does a lot to let us know who Adam Strange is and it works. I felt kind of bad for him and I could relate to him too. This is a guy who spends his time playing video games when he wishes he was out in space and the way Andreyko does it is so good. There’s also this great tinge of Flash Gordon to it all, which I love cause that’s a character I really enjoy.

Aaron Lopresti‘s art is pretty solid and seems to work best in the war-torn areas in the beginning and end of the comic. It’s good and captures the pulp/sci-fi vibe of the series. I’m actually looking forward to seeing the next issue and the alien word and war more because that’s where I think the art really stands out.

The first issue really surprised me and feels a bit Flash Gordon with a potential buddy cop story coming. I want to see what’s going on as Andreyko has set the comic up to build on the mystery and it works for me. I think what has really sold me though is Adam Strange. This is a character I’ve never cared about, but all I want now is a pulp space adventure featuring Strange and written by Andreyko.

Story: Marc Andreyko Art: Aaron Lopresti
Story: 8.15 Art: 7.85 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review