Caliber Comics on the passing of founder and CEO Gary Reed

This morning it was announced that Caliber Comics founder and CEO Gary Reed has passed away unexpectedly. The news shook many and resulted in an outpouring of thoughts and memories of those who knew him.

Caliber Comics has now released a statement as well:

It is with deep sadness that Caliber Comics announces the passing of its Founder and CEO Gary Reed. Gary had been a publishing and guiding presence in the comic industry for over 25 years. Having owned a series of comic shops, starting up one of the first major comic-cons, King Con, in the Detroit area, establishing his own publishing company, Caliber Comics in late 80s, Gary also wrote numerous critically acclaimed comic and short stories. Just some of the names that had their early starts at Caliber included Brian Bendis, Guy Davis, David Mack, Vince Locke, James O’Barr, Patrick Zircher, Jim Calafiore, Ed Brubaker, Mike Carey, and Michael Gaydos.

“When Gary and I decided to re-establish Caliber Comics two years we had a long term plan to make the company once again a beacon for independent creator owned titles and help launch the careers of up and coming writers and artists where we could.  And Caliber Comics will continue to move forward with its publishing and multi-media endeavors as we execute this vision.  My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer and their three daughters at this time.” Comment Eric Reichert, Vice President.

Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Gary Reed.