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TV Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage S1E8 Blowin’ Up the Spot

Luke Cage PosterMariah campaigns to turn the city and the police against Luke, and not even Misty or Claire may be able to save him.

This feels a bit of the typical episode where the good guy is made to look like a bad guy, but with that going on there’s a big confrontation too.

This episode mainly has Luke going up against Diamondback with a reveal that’s a big one. I’m not ruining it so you can enjoy it as much as possible.

The episode is pretty slow other than setting up an interesting triangle between Luke, Claire, and Misty. Its primary function really feels like the Diamondback reveal and to also dive a bit more into Luke’s abilities and the good and bad that it all brings.

Watching Claire try to figure things out with Luke is interesting and she gives a bit of science to explain what he can do, which feels like something the various Marvel Netflix series throw in to ground it all a bit. It’s also a bit of a replay of her initial meeting with Cage in Jessica Jones. And all of that might be the most important thing about this episode as it really gives us a hint as to what Claire’s role might be going forward in the cinematic universe.

The bigger thing will be the fallout over Misty’s actions. Maybe we’ll get her closer to her comic version? We’ll see as there’s a few episode to go!

A slow episode overall but it feels like it has a point and “job to do” and does that pretty damn well.

Overall Rating: 7.75

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