TV Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage S1E12 Soliloquy of Chaos

Luke Cage PosterMisty digs deeper for the truth as the neighborhood’s power players throw the city info confusion.

Marvel’s Luke Cage definitely begins with a stumble as there’s so much that the cops have at this point that proves his innocence, though if he knows that is another question. But, we’ll chalk up the lack of knowledge as to the actions taken.

But the above is addressed and addressed quite well taking things back to the basics… even though he’s bullet proof he’s still black and the cops still want him.

The above is spoken by a guest star which is absolutely amazing and something I don’t want to ruin at all.

The bit gets us back to the hip hop roots of the series with a refocus on hoodie that is such a symbol of the show. The show at times has strayed from its statement and how powerfully it can address today’s issues, but this episode brings thing back in a way that makes up for that.

There’s just one episode to go and this one sets things up nicely. It feels like there’s still a lot of ground to cover but we’ll see how it all (and what gets) wraps up in the next episode.

Overall Rating: 8.05