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TV Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage S1E11 Now You’re Mine

Luke Cage PosterIn one bold move, a friend from his past puts Luke on the defensive, Musty in dire straits, and Harlem’s safety in jeopardy.

Marvel’s Luke Cage is getting to its end game with the events of last episode playing out through this entire one. Diamondback has taken hostages and is pretending to be Luke so that the cops completely turn and also are willing to purchase his new bullets that can kill Luke.

Other than Diamond back’s revenge against Luke, it seems to lack a bigger story here as far his plans. And with that, it makes me begin to rethink this entire season and wonder about it as a whole. Diamondback has been a gun dealer for the entire season but now there’s this weird switch and focus on his taking on Cage. If that’s the plan, this all seems to be a rather elaborate plan to do so and if it’s not, it all seems to be a rather odd “in addition to other stuff” plan that’s spinning out of control. And what Diamondback is up to definitely feels like it’s spinning out of control, and one sentence seems to confirm that’s the case, there was no plan.

Which makes the end of this season a bit out of control and an odd series of events and it feels like some of the characters are acknowledging that at least. It also continues Marvel’s Netflix series having issues sticking the landing.

The good with the episode is that it gives a lot of information about Diamondback, why he hates Luke so much, and what exactly happened between the two. I also really enjoy Diamondback’s use of the Bible, but I wish there was more of this and an overall greater biblical theme to it all. To explore religion within the African American community along with police relations would have been even more interesting.

There’s also something here that comic fans will raise an eyebrow to that involves Misty Knight.

The end is also a bit iffy and feels a bit tame to how reality would probably actually play out. With all we’ve seen in other episodes, it feels a bit unrealistic.

Again this is an episode that has its moments but doesn’t quite stand on its own, but as a whole is a fine chapter.

Overall Rating: 7.85

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