Review: The Ultimate Laugh

the-ultimate-laugh-coverA popular talk show is retro-scripted through the medium of food. The administration intervenes to manipulate human bonding. A Jenny Craig commercial is honored in silent ballet. Death proposes. The Ultimate Laugh collects eight of Sara Lautman‘s best stories from 2015 in autobiography, illustrated essays, and tall tales.

The Ultimate Laugh, the Ignatz nominated comic for “Promising New Talent,” is a stream of thought by creator Sara Lautman. The comic book is a fun take on those strange ideas and observations so many of us have… well maybe not all of us. The observations can be out there such as a talk show that’s manipulated through food which early on sets the tone of what follows.

You can see why Lautman is nominated. The comic is a hilarious look at life and brings a perspective, and thoughts, that aren’t often put down in paper. The comic is funny throughout, constantly entertaining.

Like the observations throughout, the art itself is pretty free-flowing breaking free of the rigid constraints of traditions comic panels. Lautman impressively still makes the comic easy to understand and read, even without some of the traditional clues peppered in comic layouts to guide the reader. The art adds to the free and fun style of the comic.

Lautman bursts on to the scene with this one and is a talent to keep an eye on. Already nominated for an award, this is a comic to pick up and find out why.

Story: Sara Lautman Art: Sara Lautman
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Tinto Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review