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Review: Teen Titans #24

tt_cv24In this climactic issue, the team is forced to make a decision: continue fighting crime as the Teen Titans…or go their separate ways.

How to review Teen Titans #24 without spoiling it? That’s actually a challenge. This issue written by Tony Bedard is best read after reading Detective Comics #940. The issue’s content is a direct continuation of the events there. Without spelling things out, folks can probably guess as to what happens there.

The Teen Titans are at a crossroads, reflecting about a member, and also figuring out what comes next. The issue is a decent one telling lost stories in a way from various characters’ perspectives. It manages to take what should be a completely dour moment and add in moments of levity.

But, the issue, more importantly, acts as a good finale and a bridge to what comes next. There’s lots of foreshadowing of what we can expect in Teen Titans: Rebirth as well as Raven’s own miniseries which kicks off next week. It’s a reflection on what was and what is coming. You get a sense of that from the cover which while it features this line-up we also see a hint of Cyborg’s leg. It’s a good finale for this volume.

Artist Ian Churchill and inker Norm Rapmund give us all sorts of situations and characters. Everything from Trigon’s realm to a gay pride parade are covered in this issue. The art is decent though nothing that blows me away. It is impressive in how much is covered though and the different settings still work. There’s an anthology vibe about it all.

The comic is good and for fans of this group of Teen Titans, they’ll probably enjoy it. It doesn’t quite pack an emotional impact, but as a dual prologue and epilogue it works well.

Story: Tony Bedard Art: Ian Churchill Ink: Norm Rapmund
Story: 7 Art: 7 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review