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Review: Superwoman #2

swm_cv2_dsThe battle of Metropolis Harbor rages on and the casualties are mounting! To save both herself and the city from the ultra-powered Bizarress duo, Superwoman must turn to John Henry Irons—a.k.a. Steel—for help! But there is a larger villainous force at work behind the scenes, and you won’t believe who it is! Buckle up for the shocking true identity of Ultra Woman!

Last issue saw a shocking death and this issue picks up with weird things going on with Lex’s battle carrier, some reveals, and some choppiness in the story telling.

The issue kicks off with Lana trying to figure out what has happened to Lois and a reveal of a villain who then fires Lex’s cruiser at Metropolis. This is the first problem I have with the issue. It looks like projectiles are fired and then later it’s revealed to be EMP pulses, but initially it’s just left out there as if they hit the city and there’s no discussion of it at all. It’s a panel that sets up what you think are explosions and then there’s nothing. I found myself going back a few times to see if it’s addressed and I missed something.

The next bit of bumpiness is a line where Lana is walking in with Steel and they see Natasha Irons. Lana tells John to not say anything about Lois then a page later she basically blurts out something has happened to Lois in front of Natasha with no reaction from Natasha. Another thing that took me out of the issue.

But, beyond that, there’s some good too.

Writer Phil Jimenez teases out the story of Lois as Superwoman isn’t over and gives us a reveal of the big bad at the end of the issue. But, what I think is the strongest part of the issue is Lana’s talking to Maggie Sawyer and Lana and Steel at the GCPD station. There’s a bit of racism shown by cops, but the connection between Maggie and Lana feels real and genuine going over each other’s history as Sawyer attempts to figure out what’s going on. It humanizes both characters really well.

Jimenez does double duty also providing art with ink by Matt Santorelli and Joe Prado and coloring by Jeromy Cox. The issue is packed with lots of panels, so there isn’t much as far as large images to show of Jimenez’s talent. The art is decent is this case though not quite up to Jimenez’s usual quality. I think that’s partially because there’s so many panels it’s just hard to get that amount of detail in there. Still, Jimenez’s strengths of character design shine throughout as everyone has personality and his able to transition the mood from scene to scene works well too, especially with the help of the inking and coloring which really comes into play at times.

The end of the issue has me intrigued as there’s some reveals that shake some things up and there’s hints in the comic as more to come. Overall, it’s an entertaining read and a series that captures the feel of classic Superman.

Story: Phil Jimenez Art: Phil Jimenez Ink: Matt Santorelli, Joe Prado Color: Jeromy Cox
Story: 7 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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