Review: New Super-Man #3

nsm_cv3_dsWhen Kenan Kong decided to out the Justice League of China to the world, he was just trying to impress people, not start a revolution! But the damage is done, and the fallout turns deadly as these heroes come face to face with Flying Dragon General and the Freedom Fighters of China!

When I read the first issue of New Super-Man by writer Gene Luen Yang I was convinced that the comic was commentary on the knock-off culture that seems to be almost cult-like in China. The second issue came out, and I wasn’t too sure about that. Now with New Super-Man #3, I think there might be something to that actually.

Yang has given us an interesting issue that fleshes out the world of these characters a bit more, upping the danger, and also adding some more villains for this new super team to take on. There’s also some hints that there might be more going on with the Justice League of China’s bosses, but we sort of knew that. Who’s really good guys and who’s really bad? Questions are being raised.

The comic is really growing on me. There’s something fun about everything coming together and the mix of action and humor of it all. Yang is giving us interesting characters that aren’t just complete Chinese copies of familiar characters. They have personalities of their own and they’re actually entertaining. I’m still not completely sold the comic is very “Chinese” though I have never been there, it just feels like a comic with a different background. There’s some touches as far as structure of leadership and things for the greater good, but that’s where things end right now.

Viktor Bogdanovic‘s art is also growing on me. That’s partially due to Yang’s humor which the art style really shows off well. There’s action, but what really shines are those comedic moments which have a classic Looney Tunes feel about it all. The characters too all look very different, especially Bat-Man whose size is a topic of conversation and ribbing from Kenan.

The series continues to be an interesting comic and one I’m digging more and more. Yang seems to really be focusing on a fun tone for it all and the mix of that humor with Bogdanovic’s art is a solid combination and rather unique. I said it with the first issue, this is a series to keep an eye on and that remains true.

Story: Gene Luen Yang Art: Viktor Bogdanovic
Story: 7.95 Art: 7.95 Overall: 7.95 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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