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Review: Ninjak #19

NINJAK_019_COVER-A_CHOIRiddled with an uncanny disease in the present, Colin King has seen what the future holds – and it is death! Decades from today, destruction looms…and Ninjak and the Eternal Warrior will be our only hope! But even after years on the battlefield, are these weathered veterans still strong enough to forestall an evil that now threatens all of humanity? Glimpse the future of Valiant’s two most dangerous men here as Ninjak and the Eternal Warrior baptize their formative partnership in the blood of many men!

And meanwhile, back in the modern day, Ninjak must exhaust every resource at his disposal to find a cure for the mysterious, Deadside-spawned affliction that continues to destroy his body… But the clock is ticking fast and each step that MI-6′s master super-spy takes brings him one step closer to the grave!

Alright. I’m going to rip the band-aid off, and tell you that this is a grade above being spectacularly mediocre comic. It’s not that Ninjak #19 is particularly bad, but I have read better comics from Matt Kindt this year so I’m unfairly comparing this issue to the writer’s other series that, frankly, knocked my socks off Divinity II and 4001 A.D..

The problem with the comic, perhaps more than anything else, is the line work. There are moments when the facial features of the characters on screen seem overly complicated, and the details seem to get obscured within the inks on the page – that being said, the art is far far better than anything I can do, and I’m well aware of that. I also don’t know if this is more of a printing issue, either, because I didn’t notice the same issue in Ninjak #18.

Ninjak #19 brings in story element and characters that were previously introduced in the series, rewarding readers who have been around for a few issues – something that I’m a little partial to. This is yet another issue of Ninjak that didn’t deliver on it’s promise – a shame, because when the series is on its game, it’s one of the best around.

Story: Matt Kindt Art: Khari Evans
Colourists: Ulises Arreola and Chris Sotomayer
Story: 7 Art: 6.5 Overall: 6.75 Recommendation: Read

Valiant provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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