Review: Justice League #4

justl_cv4_ds“THE EXTINCTION MACHINE” part 4! In the center of the Earth, Superman faces three doomsday machines set to tear the world apart, while Earth’s two Green Lanterns discover just what a purged planet is truly like. The Kindred are awake and hold the truth about the beginnings of humanity.

Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich does the Justice League is the best way I can describe writer Bryan Hitch‘s first four issues. It doesn’t help that most of it isn’t explained at this point as the heroes have focused on attempting to save people and stand around to state they have no idea what’s going on.

It’s taken up to this point so that we get a better sense of what’s actually happening and even then, it’s not totally clear as to what the hell is going on other than the fact there’s Earthquakes and giants and something is coming from space. That something is sort of revealed at the end which will get you to pause and say “what the hell!?”.

Hitch does give us a couple of cool moments though. His Superman really feels super as if he really might sacrifice himself to save everyone. It almost wants me to see Hitch on a Superman comic, then I read the rest and change my mind. The rest is just ok. Mostly dragged out, and somewhat boring in a weird way. It’s Bay and Emmerich with absolutely no excitement, devoid of emotion, it’s odd overall.

Jesús Merino‘s art is pretty solid. There’s some cool imagery and the characters are handled pretty well. There are some issues where you can’t quite tell what we’re looking at, but overall it’s pretty good art.

The series so far has been a bit odd to me. It’s an epic, big picture destruction, a disaster film on the comics page. But like those disaster films, it lacks emotional connection and relies too much on the destruction, shock and awe. It’s wide in its vision, but sadly everything else is only an inch deep. Justice League should be one of DC Comics’ top tier titles that you can’t forget in how epic it is, but so far, this has been forgettable.

Story: Bryan Hitch Art: Jesús Merino
Story: 6 Art: 6.5 Overall: 6 Recommendation: Pass

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review