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Review: The Paybacks #2

The-Paybacks-v2-2It’s unlikely you’ve read a series quite like this before. The elevator pitch for The Paybacks would probably be something like “what happens when superheroes run out of money, and who lent it to them in the first place?” If that sounds half way toward interesting, then you’d be about half right.

You could be excused for thinking that the characters within the comic, those failed superheros who are massively in debt, are cheap parodies of existing, and more popular, comic book superheroes… although, if you did think that, you’d be absolutely right;  Night Knight is an English rip off of Batman who’s afraid of the dark, and doesn’t quite measure up to his DC counterpart. Bloodpouch is a brilliant send up of all things from the 90’s that have been done better elsewhere. But the thing is, that’s exactly the point. At least some of these failed heroes failed because they is already somebody better than them doing the
same thing.

Or because excessive pouches faded away as the nineties’ fashion choices fell by the wayside.

The Paybacks #2After the first volume introduced us to the world of The Paybacks and their T.A.R.D.I.S.-like vehicle/headquarters called The Van, the second volume has started off by asking just how far you’re willing to go to wipe away your debts. Marginal spoilers follow. With the most powerful superhero team on the planet, The Command, coming after the eponymous former heroes after a slight misunderstanding, The Paybacks mysterious benefactor Mr. Pierce declared war on The Command. If one of the indebted heroes is able to kill a member of the super team, then their debt will be cleared. It’s a brilliant set up, and one that Donny Cates & Elliot Rahal make abundantly sure that we’re well aware that the sheer number of The Paybacks may not mean much in the long run.

I’m not going to lie; watching the former heroes go broke, and then hit rock bottom as they question whether or not they’re willing to do what’s needed (not whether they can which is another question entirely) is something that I’m thoroughly enjoying.

Look, the thing about The Paybacks is that no matter how much I try, I’m never going to be able to do full justice to just how entertaining the series is. This is a fantastic read, and I love every moment that it’s in my hands.

Story: Donny Cates and Elliot Rahal Art: Geoff Shaw
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Heavy Metal Comics provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review

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