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It’s Justice League vs. Suicide Squad in December

Justice League vs. Suicide SquadAnnounced today at the Diamond Retailer breakfast and through the Wall Street Journal, DC Comics will be bringing together two of its biggest properties this December with Justice League vs. Suicide Squad. It’s the first of quarterly events planned by the publisher as part of the rumored “two year plan” laid out for DC’s Rebirth.

The event will be written by Joshua Williamson and drawn by Jason Fabok and will take place over the course of six issues. There’ll be two issues released in December and four in January and will tie-in with Suicide Squad #9 and 10, and Justice League #12 and #13.

The story centers around the idea of whether Task Force X needs to exist in a world with the Justice League. This is similar to a statement made during the mid-credits scene in Suicide Squad which backs up DC’s statement that their comic universe will now better reflect the live action universe.

The story itself will be seen through the point of view of new Suicide Squad team member Killer Frost. Out of the event it has been reported a new Justice League of America series will be launched.

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