Review: Miss Fury #5

MissFury2016-05-Cov-A-LotayMiss Fury #5 is an action comic that’s 90% fight, 5% sage wisdom with a side of spirit animal and, 5% set up. In this issue, Corinna Bechko has the 1940’s superhero trying to right some wrongs and turn the tide to save the world.
There’s a whole lot of fighting going on in this issue. After the first pages story set up the bad guys are met head on by Miss Fury and she came to win, if she can. The fight is a hard one that finds our hero deep under water with only her spirit animal to guide her to safety.

Miss Fury tries to make sense of all of the supernatural forces that surround her and she finds herself unable to come to terms with the dark forces that she seems unable to defeat. There are winged Krakenesque beasts on the attack, pig faced people on the offensive and double crossing humans standing her way.
Corinna’s writing is decent but, she seems to focus more on adding more elements to the story than character development. In some places, I felt as if the story relied more on Jonathan Lau‘s beautifully illustrated throwback artwork than on the character. This issue seemed to have our hero flying blind and not giving us any of her trademark sass. I found myself a little disappointed but, still invested.

There seemed to be a bit of a disconnect in this issue that separated it from the previous issues, I’m not sure if this was done intentionally or to set things up for the rest of the arc. It felt more like a placeholder than a stand-alone issue which left me hoping for another couple of pages to round things out. There were a whole lot of fight panels where I got to see what Miss Fury could do but, it felt like she was holding back and had left her A game at home. The few pages that were not action packed fight panels were pretty tame and didn’t really help move the story along.

Overall the issue was a decent read but, not what I was expecting or hoping for. We already know that she kick ass but, we want to know more about her and this issue fell short. The switching back and forth between the long fight panels and the moments of Miss Fury having what felt like an existential crisis (or awakening) were done with minimal transition and I think this issue would have been much better if it were split in two, part one being the fight scenes and supernatural set up and part two being her underwater sorting things out with herself and then emerging from her underwater vision quest ready to fight some more.

This issue wasn’t enough to make me give up on Miss Fury and her adventures but, it was enough to have me already giving the side eye to the next issue because I’m not sure it’s going to be able to bounce back and bring our hero with it.

Story: Corinna Bechko Art: Jonathan Lau
Story: 6.4 Art: 7 Overall: 6.2 Recommendation: Read

Dynamite Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review