Terrificon 2016: Wade Wilson, Crafting Jokes, and Life After Comics with Fabian Nicieza

fabianWhilst covering Terrificon at Mohegan Sun this past weekend I had the total joy to speak with the original voice behind the masked man who is never afraid to use it, the Co-Creator of the Merc with a Mouth himself: Fabian Nicieza.

He was nice enough to take the time to talk to me about the property right now that is hotter than a super spicy chimichanga: Mr Wade Wilson, the one the only and sometimes lonely Deadpool.

Graphic Policy: First off thank you for taking the time out to speak with me today.

Fabian Nicieza: Oh my pleasure.

GP: So, Deadpool. What do you think of that guy?

FN: I think he’s a boon to civilization and mankind as we know it. (laughs) I think that in an age where the two presidential candidates have about 80 percent disapproval ratings, we need more people like Deadpool in charge.

GP: (jokingly) Oh absolutely I’d put him on my cabinet for sure.

FN: A cabinet? I think he should be Lord Emperor of the World.

GP: Wow. Ambitious there.

FN: Just think of the things that could happen if that were the case.

GP: When you do write Deadpool, where does your inspiration come from? Where do you get Wade’s humor? 

FN: I’ve got to be honest it comes as a stream of conscious release of anything that is built up inside me. It certainly varies. It could be my thoughts on cultural events or societal events throughout the day. It could be pulling a kernel out of my butt from something that happened 35 years ago. I mean it’s interesting that the older I get, the harder some of those references become. To me it doesn’t make sense for Deadpool to be pulling out a reference from a 1975 TV show unless you’re around the age of 55. Wade isn’t 55 he’s let’s say in his late thirties. So you have to frame it in that context. Then again the freeing part is it’s Deadpool. So as a character chances are pretty good that on a lonely binge for several months he’d watch every episode of the 1950’s ever, so you know and take that with a grain of salt.

GP: As a creator the cool thing is this character allows you to poke fun at all the tropes out there whether it’s a positive or a negative. I have to ask though as wacky and out there as Wade Wilson is, has there ever been a scene or a joke that you tried to pass by your editor that just wasn’t going to fly, for any reason?

FN: No not from a story stand point, since I’m not a current Deadpool writer. A current Deadpool writer tries to create a comedic story that he fits into. An older writer of Deadpool, who Co-Created the character like myself, tries to get the comedy out of comedy out the story that he’s already in. Okay, so I wrote a very straightforward Marvel Universe character, who happened to be insane and who happened to interpret everything through his own personal filter. So with that in mind, I don’t think to put Wade Wilson in a classic illustrated parody. I don’t think to have him fight the ghosts of dead presidents and it’s not a knock or taking away from how the guys handle him today. It’s just how the book editorially has decided that is stronger. Which is fine, they have the complete right to do that. It’s just not how I do it. For me my problems wasn’t with editors, it was usually with legal because you run off so many jokes and so many things he (Wade) says and you know that five of them, someone is going to have a problem with. Often I would have an issue with an editor that they didn’t get a joke. It could be that it’s their own particular knowledge of history or references. In one particular situation it was her age, since she was 20 years younger than me so she’s not going to get certain things. My outlook was always though, if you get every single joke I wrote in a Deadpool comic, then I did not do a good job. You’re not supposed to get every thing he says because as the reader you should not have the same exact thought wavelength as him y’know?

GP: Right because he’s so out there, and we shouldn’t share the same mind of things..

FN: Right, exactly. If you get even half of them, I’m fine with that. When you’re telling 35 jokes in a 22 page comic, we shouldn’t expect the reader to get every single reference.

GP: Did you think there was anything they could have done different for their handling of Wade for the movie?


FN: Yes, they could have cast me as Ryan Reynold’s stunt double in any scene he was in with Morena Baccarin. That they could have done differently. Other than that, I think the movie’s success both critically and commercially is a testament to how well of a job they did handling the character.

GP: Any hope we’ll get you as a cameo in Deadpool 2?  

FN: No I think that putting me on screen is detrimental to the film. I think they studios would automatically give it an NC-17 rating if this face were on screen or anything like that.

GP: At this point do you have a dream project that you would like to work on, non-Deadpool related?

FN: No not particularly. To tell you the truth I’ve done this for 30 years, so I am slowly phasing myself out of comic books in general. As a writer I do other stuff. So as far as comics is concerned I don’t have a dream project. I mean I’ve written almost everything. If you asked me at 9 years old that would I like the chance to write almost every single character for Marvel or DC, I’d say oh yeah, I’d like to take that career. I’ve done it and that’s exactly where I stand.

GP: Absolutely. A sterling career has been made. I appreciate the chat. Much continued success.

FN: Certainly and you too.


A fun brisk chat with the original voice inside Wade Wilson’s head. I definitely see where he gets the “mouth” part from, not sure about the “merc” part though. I guess that’s a story for another time. One thing is for sure their will always be plenty of Deadpool stories. I liked Mr. Nicieza’s recommendation of the Lord Emperor title. Wade for sure is on his way to becoming the Supreme Being of the Marvel Universe. He still has the rest of the Universes to go.


* Wolverine even paid homage to Deadpool’s daddy during this interview. Logan knew it was the right thing to do. Plus Wade probably owes him gas money.