Fantasy Football: Super Hero Edition

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Welcome back faithful readers and new readers it’s August which means there are no more football-free months until March, which makes me giddier than a school girl at a Justin Bieber concert. August is also when Fantasy Football is in high gear with fans joining and creating leagues and having their annual fantasy drafts and getting that awesome roster that will win them their championship (I know my fantasy football team is looking pretty promising). So with all this talk around the bubblah (that’s Bostonian for bubbler or water cooler) at work about who drafted who, it got me thinking about what if there was a fantasy superhero league, who in the wonderful world of geekdom would I choose to lead a Fantasy Football team full of superheroes, I mean there are so many great characters from both DC and Marvel to choose from. It would definitely be a hard draft for sure! So to stay true with how my leagues fantasy format goes I am going to choose who my starters would be.

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QB Captain America (the G.O.A.T.[Seriously this guy is wicked pissah])– This was the easiest of my picks for this article and not because our names are similar, there is nobody I would ever want to lead my team. Captain America is the ultimate good guy (except for that whole hail hydra thing, seriously that pissed me off) and team player and will always do what right for everyone involved when taking down and opponent (enemy). Also he is a natural born leader and it shows when he’s trying to lead the Avengers in Battle against Thanos, Loki and the dreaded Red Skull (seriously Hail Hydra, wtf were you thinking Marvel) and watch him rack up those fantasy points.

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RB The Flash (Grant Gustin Version)– This one seems like a no-brainer. You want your running back to fast and agile and have great hands and the flash has all three. Now you might be asking yourself why I said the Grant Gustin version and it’s because I feel he is a great portrayal of the Flash/Barry Allen and I am still unsure about Ezra Miller as the Flash (only time will tell. I said the same thing when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker and I was way off).I also feel like the Flash is a forgotten character which is sad. His personality reminds me of Captain America, a true good guy who will do anything to stop the bad guy,but will always do right by his friends and collegues.

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RB Colossus – Other than Angel Dust and Magneto not too many people are capable of stopping Colossus. He’s strong and quick for a huge guy made of steel (kind of reminds me of former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis) And when you need someone to rack up some fantasy points, just hand the rock off to him and let him and see the destruction he leaves behind.

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WR Spider-Man – With his ability to sling shot his way all over the city and his Spidey senses tingling, Hands like Jerry Rice, the speed and persistence of a Julian Edelman Spider-Man would be an unstoppable force in the National Football League.

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WR Falcon – Sam Wilson is to Steve Rogers as Julian Edelman is to Tom Brady, his go-to guy and possession receiver. The two of them have and unshakable bond and are always in sync with each other which always pays dividends when in battle. Anyone else think he looks like Papa Doc from the 8 Mile movie starring Eminem?

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WR Groot – He’s a man or tree of very few word (seriously the talking trees at the beginning of The Wizard of OZ had more of a vocabulary) but Groot is damn near unstoppable (seriously I think the only way to stop him and to start a brush fire) and when the going gets tough just toss him the ball and watch him tumbleweed his way to the end zone and leave a trail of bad guys in his wake.

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TE Hulk – I look at the Hulk and I think of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski especially when he scores a touchdown and he does that whole Gronk Smash spike he does. There are so many different positions The Hulk could have been in on this list but he would be an ultimate tight end with his blocking ability and his yards after the catch and endless touchdown opportunities.

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K Aquaman – Just like a NFL Kicker Aquaman is generally forgotten, I mean to quote Raj on the Big Bang Theory “Dude Aquaman sucks”. He seriously has a point. The dude talks to fish, mammals and moves water but that’s about it and yet for some unknown reason Aquaman is an integral part of the Justice League just like somehow a kicker is an integral part of a football team (Ask the New England Patriots. Seriously missed out on the Super Bowl by 1 damn point!….sorry still bitter).

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DST (Defense) Wolverine, Arrow, Iron Man, Superman, Batman – Superman, Batman, The Arrow all have a long standing tradition of standing up and defending their cities. Whether it be Metropolis, Gotham or Starling City they are all for the most part safe from harm’s way. Combine that with Iron Man’s aerial view and fire power and Wolverines adamantium claws and regenerating ability, no one would be able to break through and cause harm and with a shutout defense that can score from time to time that means huge fantasy points for me!!!


There you have it, my 2016 fantasy football team superhero edition. This was a difficult article to write and I didn’t think it would be when I thought of the idea. There are a lot of great superhero characters out there and I feel horrible that they couldn’t all make the cut, but like the NFL not everyone makes the team….and there are no participation trophies awarded. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the article as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always I welcome feedback on my articles so please feel free to write a comment, especially if you think your list would be better than mine.

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