Review: I Hate Fairyland #8

ihatefairyland08_CoverArtBSkottie Young‘s I Hate Fairyland #8 continues to cover Gert’s quest to find her way home. She frags u along on this journey and the reader gets to follow her descent into madness and possible psychopathic tendencies. She runs through Fairyland with little care about the inhabitants in her singular mission. The harshness of her character isn’t entirely her fault. she’s a grown woman trapped in the body of a child.

This time around, we get to watch her trade black market eyes for a coin, browbeat a newly arrived and still kind of hopeful and, green little boy in an adorable dinosaur costume. She also continued her verbal sparring with her equally tact devoid sidekick Larry, engaged in a Battle Royale style underground fight club battle with a male warrior thrice her size & dispensed of the kitty mob bosses goons before getting knocked out herself by Purty Pretty Princess in a boss battle comprised of two equally Bad Ass Ladies.

Gert did not come here to play,she came to get herself one step closer to getting home and after this latest defeat, it looks like Gert’s journey is not over and we’re all going to have to hang around Fairyland a little while longer. Considering the look of pure rage on Gert’s face as she is shot out of the Battle Dome and she walks away with her wayward companions, I pity the poor Fairyland soul that she encounters next.

Skottie Young’s as does a majority of the artwork on the series and, it’s sweet enough to give you diabetes. Every color pops off the page and combined with the confectionery houses and the talking fairy tale animals makes it feel like your comic pages have been laced with LSD. The beautiful often over the top art makes the characters actions and Gert’s often sociopathic world seem even more jarring. The mix of candy-colored dreamscapes and killer rage work in tandem to give this issue of I Hate Fairyland a disturbing feel, in a good way.

As a whole, I Hate Fairyland #8 is a good read. It’s quick, fun and easy. There isn’t a lot of depth but, there is a lot of cleverly written potty humor. It’s not a comic for engaging in deep thought, it’s a comic for people looking for an escape, some bad jokes and a little bit of fun. It serves its purpose and niche well. I don’t know how long the running gags with our surly, baby-faced anti-hero can go on before they get a bit tedious but, for now, the jokes still funny and the comic is still a nice diversion.

Story: Skottie Young Art: Skottie Young & Jeffrey “Chamba” Cruz
Story: 7.2 Art: 7.2 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Read

Image Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review