Prez Gets Cancelled But Picks Up a Special

prez_56241ebbe5c934.11330750I’ve been waiting for the rest of DC ComicsPrez to be released, and it looks like I’ll be waiting forever. The series was originally announced as a twelve-issue miniseries, but then was split into two six-issue volumes.

The revamped series had a teenage girl Beth Ross elected to the Presidency after a viral video of her as “Corndog Girl” becomes a social media phenomenon and she’s drafted in some ways with the help of Anonymous. The comic series was filled with satire that was very prescient when it came to the Presidential election currently going on.

Written by Mark Russell with art by Ben Caldwell and launched with DC You, the series saw the first six issues released, and since then we’ve been waiting with rumors that the rest would be released later this year. Well, that’s not going to be the case.

Russell confirmed that we will be getting a twelve-page election special, and that’s it.

He was later asked if there’s anything fans can do. His response was to purchase the trade paperback.