Review: Detective Comics #938

DTC_Cv938_dsBatman, Batwoman, and the entire team take the fight to the deadly Colony! Those highly trained operatives took the Bat-team apart on their own turf…so how will they fare when the Colony is in its element, with all their weapons trained on our heroes?

Action. Lots of action. That’s the majority of Detective Comics #938 which has the team taking on the Colony in their own HQ. Writer James T. Tynion IV brings us some really cool moments in the issue that’s non-stop action.

The comic answers a lot of questions too. It right away answers how Colonel Kane came to head up this clandestine group and we’re shown that he’s gone off the reservation a bit when it comes to his actions. They’re probably not sanctioned.

But, from there, it’s lots of but kicking as a lot of the characters are given moments to shine, particularly Red Robin, Spoiler, Clayface, and Cassandra Cain. They all stand out as they battle the waves of bad guys and each shows off what each brings to the team.

Alvaro Martinez brings it when it comes to the art. His character detail isn’t the best, but in the costumes things look great. What I particularly like is the multiple panel spreads and some of the angles of the panels, things look really cool. There’s some great moments with Clayface and Cain in particular and they look awesome doing it.

There’s a great entertaining story going on here. It’s fast paced and I feel like we’ve thrown in the deep end of things when it comes to the story. That’s not a bad thing at all and really fun so far. I’m excited to see where this goes next because so far there’s been a hell of a lot of action already.

Story: James T Tynion IV Art: Alvaro Martinez
Story: 7.9 Art: 7.9 Overall: 7.9 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review