Review: Future Quest #3

FQ_Cv3_dsStep into the swirling blend of time and space. To points before the events of Future Quest. See the strange and powerful heroes begin their trajectory… that will bring them together as one!

In this third issue, things swerve a bit with two stories about some of the heroes that are taking part in Future Quest. The first written by Jeff Parker with art by Steve Rude completely focuses on Birdman. It’s a story that serves as a lead up to the Future Quest series as well as also providing a lot of background for those who might be unfamiliar with the character of Birdman.

There’s a retro feel about the story too. It comes off in pacing, tone, and look, like something I might have read in the 80s, or even seen animated. Parker in the two previous issues has shown a love of the characters he’s using as well as the tone set forth in their animated series. It should be no shock that continues here.

The short story is fun, entertaining, and helps fill in some gaps.

The second story is about the Herculoids and is very much an origin tale. Also written by Parker, the art is provided by Aaron Lopresti and gives a hell of a lot of information on the characters. There’s an origin of how they got to where they are, who they are, what their powers are, and why they’re battling robots. It’s been a long time since I watched one of their cartoons, so don’t remember much of the history of the characters, but the comic feels right at home in the 60s and 70s (though I remember watching the cartoon in the 80s). It’s awesome nostalgia and feels natural.

And I think that’s something that’s impressed me with the first three issues of this series. The comics feel natural and like they’re ripped right from the animated series they’re based on. This is awesome nostalgia for fans of these characters and the comic fills in some of the gaps for those who are new.

Story: Jeff Parker Art: Steve Rude, Aaron Lopresti
Story: 7.8 Art: 8.15 Overall: 7.95 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review