Alterna Reveals Their Lineup Through 2017

The future looks bright for Alterna Comics as they transition from their 10th year to their 11th. A string of creator-owned projects look to make waves in the comic industry as Alterna debuts horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and crime themed books. Alterna’s February partnership with IPG which took effect on July 1st, will also see the graphic novel publisher’s books and ebooks distributed in a wider market across the globe.

The following upcoming titles in print will be available via Diamond Comics Distributors and IPG: Alterna AnniverSERIES Anthology (October 2016), 2016 IF Anthology: Super Powers (November 2016), Scrimshaw (April 2017), Trespasser (June 2017), Unit 44 (August 2017), 2017 IF Anthology: Crime (November 2017). Alterna is also set to release a third and definitive edition of their flagship psychological horror title The Chair (September 2016) through IPG; no plans are made at this time to release the book through Diamond.

Alterna’s Fall 2016 digital comics lineup on comiXology marks the debut of Mr. Crypt (Troy Vevasis, Aleksandar Jovic / All Ages Horror), Croak (Cody Andrew Sousa, Francesco Iaquinta, Chris O’Halloran, Dan Sheppard, Dezi Sienty / Horror), Scrimshaw (Eric Borden, Dave Mims, Mark Quist, Rashad Tabeb / Post-Apocalyptic Adventure), The Re-Creation Project (Brian L. Hawkins, Morgan Sawyer, Scapatticci / Sci-Fi Action), IF Anthology: Super Powers (Peter Simeti, Chas! Pangburn, Tyler Chin-Tanner, Glenn Matchett, Mike Oppenheimer, Mark Gilchrist, Dan Lauer, Kelly Williams, Jason Snyder, over 90 various creators / Superhero Anthology), The Creators (Michael S. Bracco / Sci-Fi Adventure).

The Fall lineup also sees the continuation of Alterna’s digital favorites on comiXology: Corktown (Mario Candelaria, Scott Ewen, Zakk Saam / Horror,Crime), The Dark (Kelly Williams / Horror), Trespaser (Justin M. Ryan, Kristian Rossi, DC Hopkins / Sci-Fi Thriller), Raygun (Greg Schoen, Alonso Molina, Paulo Rivas / Sci-Fi,Adventure), Charge (Chris and Dan Jury, Adhitya Zulkarnaen, Pam Siega / Sci-Fi Thriller), and The Actual Roger (Hank Tucker / All Ages Superhero).