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Journey To The Planet Of Daemons This September

PLANET OF DAEMONSThis September head to the Planet of Daemons! Amigo Comics has announced the bewitching miniseries of occult adventure created by the British creative team of Kevin Gunstone and Paul Moore.

Set in the arcane realm of the Qliphoth and 17th century New England, Planet of Daemons follows the fortunes of Amos Deathridge, a former Puritan magistrate who now serves as jailer of the daemons and evil spirits who cast their sinister influence over mankind.

In a compelling first storyline, The Eye of Lucifer, Amos arrives on the world of Sathariel pursuing a daemon of war. But on his journey Amos encounters the hatching of a Succubus Queen – whose reincarnated soul shares a mysterious connection to his past. To solve the riddle of her identity, Amos must enter Sathariel’s labyrinth and confront the truth behind his arrival in the Qliphoth years earlier…

Planet of Daemons is a four-issue miniseries of mystery, intrigue, and dark sorcery. Written by Gunstone, art by Moore, colored by Stefan Mrkonjic and lettering by Rob Jones. The first issue ships in September 2016 and is solicited in the July edition of Previews.

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