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Jim Carrey and Eli Roth Team to Bring Comic Aleister Arcane to Film

Jim CarreyAt this point, it feels like it’s easier to list comic books that aren’t being adapted into a movie or television series. The latest to be announced is Aleister Arcane, a horror comic from IDW Publishing.

Jim Carrey will star in and executive produce while Eli Roth will direct. Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment will develop the adaptation which was optioned from IDW Entertainment. Jon Croker will adapt for the screen.

Mandeville Films’ David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman will produce along with Michael Aguilar and be executive produced by IDW Publishing CEO and Publisher Ted Adams and IDW Entertainment President David Ozer.

Aleister Aracane, written by Steve Niles (whose 30 Days of Night was also a comic adapted into a film) and illustrated by Breehn Burns, was first published in 2004 by IDW Publishing. The story centers on a group of children who befriend a former local TV horror host who was shunned by their parents and forced off the air. After his death, only they have the power to thwart the curse he has laid upon their town.

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