Sunday Roundtable: Would You Vote for Loki?

VOTELOKI_CovSundays are known for folks gathering around tables on television and pontificating about some of the hottest topics out there, offering their expertise. We bring that tradition to Graphic Policy as the team gathers to debate in our Sunday Roundtable.

On tap this week?

With it being election season, and the comic out, would you vote for Loki?

Logan: I’d vote for Loki if the Young Avengers are on his cabinet.

Brett: Who would be in which position?

Logan: Ms. America would definitely be the Secretary of Transportation punching walls through dimension, Prodigy would be the Attorney General b/c he has the legal minds of Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock from his mutant power, Noh Varr would be Secretary o…See More

Brett: For some reason Wiccan feels right for Secretary of Energy, not sure why. And Hulkling for Vice President? That way we’ll never know if the President isn’t around, Hulkling could morph and look like Loki.

Alex: And it’d be just Loki’s style to have two of him in the same place at once.

Madison: I’d also totally vote Prodigy for Prez if Loki was out of the picture.

Logan: Yes! As long as I get to be First Gentleman!

Alex: I’d vote Loki just to see what kinda shit would hit the fan, honestly. And then become incredibly disappointed when he turns out to be a decent leader.

Brett: What happens to US/Asgardian relations if he’s President?

Alex: President Loki would henceforth send Wolverine as an ambassador to Asgard for the US because he’s both Canadian and dead.

Meghan: He can’t be worse than Trump, I guess.

Also, does this mean we’d get T-Swift as FLOTUS?

He wears green robes
I wear normal clothes
He’s Asgardian…See More

Alex: That’s going to be in my head all day, now.

Brett: Ok, with that earworm we’re wrapping it up. What about you readers? Would you vote for Loki? Sound off in the comments below!