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The Black Hood Gets a Second Season an New #1 Issue in September

The Black Hood is no more. Long live The Black Hood.

After the game-changing events of the first season of the genre-defying Dark Circle Comic series, former police officer Gregory Hettinger has given up the mantle of The Black Hood for good. With his absence comes the arrival of a deadly assassin known as The Nobody, who’s willing to slaughter dozens in his quest to draw out The Black Hood. How far is Hettinger willing to go before he finally steps forward to face an unbeatable opponent?

The Black Hood #1: Season 2 launches on September 21st from the creative team of writer Duane Swierczynski, artist Greg Scott, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick and letterer Rachel Deering.

Picking up where the previous series left off but also serving as the perfect jumping on point for new readers, The Black Hood #1: Season 2 continues the creator-driven approach to Dark Circle Comics’ reimagining of the classic Red Circle superheroes. Season 2 also promises to take The Black Hood out of his familiar surroundings of Philadelphia and into new, uncharted territories for the former cop-turned-vigilante.

The Black Hood #1: Season 2 will arrive in comic book stores this September.

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