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Review: The Flash: Rebirth #1

FLSREB_Cv1_dsSpinning directly out of the epic events of DC Universe: Rebirth #1, the Fastest Man Alive finds himself at the center of a DC Universe at a crossroads.

Out of all of the issues of “Rebirth” so far, the Flash’s is the most tied to the one shot that kicked it all off. Written by Joshua Williamson, this issue may be one of the most difficult to write due to its past history with its own previous Rebirth as well as the Flash being at the center of Flashpoint, and it shows in some ways.

In 2009, The Flash: Rebirth was a miniseries that reintroduced Barry Allen to the DC Universe and also retconned his history some as it turned out Zoom was the one who had killed his mother. We also learned some more about the mysterious Speed Force.

FLSREB_1_6This one shot feels like an echo of that miniseries in some way. It too focuses on the murder of a woman where her husband is the prime suspect. I love Williamson’s writing and originality in such series as Nailbiter, Birthright and Illuminati, and unlike those series, this issue just doesn’t have that originality or interesting twist I was expecting and hoping for. The issue to me feels like a retread of not just the DC Universe: Rebirth one shot, but also the previous The Flash: Rebirth miniseries. While the tone of the comic is solid, there’s just not a whole lot that’s new, it’s more a repeat and a catch-up that illuminates some things in the one-shot that kicked this initiative off. Illuminates, but not enough that it’s a must read.

The art by Carmine Di Giandomenico is decent and there’s a good sense of motion and energy crackling on the page. It’s good, but somewhat forgettable. But, Di Giandomenico has some tough shoes to fill as the previous series had a string of great artists. There’s a style here that’s unique though, I just want some more of the actual motion that is the Flash.

The issue was good, not great. It feels much more like an addendum to DC Universe: Rebirth, rather than a one-shot to send this character on his way. The Flash seems like he’s at the center again of the DC Universe, but other than a few bits of dialogue, you wouldn’t necessarily know that here.

Story: Joshua Williamson Art: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Story: 7 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review