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Review: Goldie Vance #3

goldievance-003-a-main-73fb8Hope Larson and Brittney Williams have already established a cast of well-rounded, well-developed characters and a compelling plot with the first two issues of Goldie Vance, and this allows the plot to advance quite a bit with Goldie Vance #3.

Despite inching closer to an explanation for Mr. Ludwig’s disappearance in the previous issue, Goldie now faces some consequences for her actions. Her rash actions have left her in a bit of a pickle, and meanwhile, the mystery of Ludwig and his curiously engraved necklace gets a little more complicated.

Larson’s skill as a writer is highlighted with each issue of Goldie Vance. There are several places where it would be easy to slip into a series full of teen detective tropes, but Larson and Williams navigate away from this and instead use the story and characters break several stereotypes. Two examples of this include Goldie and Cheryl being interested in cars and science, respectively, and the men in the story being the ones who fawn over the female characters rather than the other way around. The mystery in the story itself is engaging, with no obvious outcome, and all of these elements create a fresh and interesting detective story.

Goldie is a great character with a strong moral compass and wonderful supporting characters. The whole crew is diverse, both in interests and in appearance, something else that subverts the typical tropes that come with teen detective stories. Williams’s character designs are wonderfully expressive and consistently drawn. It’s easy to picture the series as an animated show, and it works so well as a comic that it’s not hard to see why the series has recently gone from a limited series to an ongoing one. Sarah Stern brings vibrance to the series with a palette of bright colors. The art gives the series a fun retro aesthetic with none of the terribly oppressive social politics. 

With a fantastic creative team and a smart, diverse group of characters, Goldie Vance is a comic appropriate for all ages and one that, luckily for readers, will be around for a while.

Story: Hope Larson Art: Brittney Williams
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

BOOM! Studios provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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