Mohawk Media Taps Herb Trimpe’s Eco Warrior

eco-comicsEco Comics has announced the launch of a new character drawn by the late, legendary artist Herb Trimpe. There’s a new huge, green behemoth coming to comics in the form of Trimpe’s Eco Warrior.

Writer Chris Bunting worked with Trimpe before Trimpe’s passing in 2015 to bring this character and project to life. The two worked closely over a long period to create a classic-style comic book hero facing 21st Century climate change. Eco Warrior was perhaps the final character created by the artist who died on 13th April 2015.

The character is driven to protect the Earth’s endangered environment and eco system, bringing him into conflict with corporations and vested interests who hold the resources to allow them to battle him head on.

The publisher said in the release:

Like many of Herb’s finest characters, Eco Warrior is full of pathos and Greek-style tragedy. By sucking pollution from the atmosphere to fuel Eco Warrior’s godly strength, eventually it could all be removed and Earth saved, thereby sacrificing himself.

Eco Warrior is set to play a pivotal role in many other titles by Eco Comics before featuring in his own, a tribute entitled Herb Trimpe’s Eco Warrior, including art by Trimpe himself.