Review: Hellbound Lifestyle

Hellbound_20Lifestyle_20Cover_originalKaeleigh Forsyth wryly observed and recorded the weird moments of her life in private notes on her phone, and now her friend Alabaster Pizzo has illustrated these secret thoughts in hilarious detail. That’s Hellbound Lifestyle, a 72 page graphic novel that’s relatable and hilarious.

Released at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival and also part of Retrofit Comics’ latest subscription deal, Hellbound Lifestyle is a fantastic example of observational humor, but also a solid indie comic worth checking out for a quick read that’ll also get you to chuckle and put a smile on your face.

A collection of comic strips really, each observation is mostly limited to a page or two where the complete joke is laid out and punch line delivered. The observations are spot on and I found myself not just laughing, but also relating to a large portion of them. This is Seinfeld on paper, and that’s a good thing.

From jokes and commentary about social media to quick hits about empty fridges, it’s honest and very true. Over and over I caught myself muttering “yup” as each joke hit home. I also immediately found myself handing the graphic novel over to someone and telling them to read it because they’d laugh and appreciate the humor.

This is indie comic book humor at its best. Simple, funny, and so very true.

Story Kaeleigh Forsyth Art: Alabaster Pizzo
Story: 8.7 Art: 8.1 Overall: 8.7 Recommendation: Buy