Review: Queen #1

queen-cover-web-1I love politics, it’s my day job, so not much of a shock there. When a comic dives into the subject it usually piques my interest and gets on to my list of ones I absolutely want to check out. Queen is a political thriller starring Emily Green, the Deputy Prime Minister, in a United Kingdom set in an alternate universe. The mother of one is beginning to question the choices she has made in life, and her role in the Conservation party.

Rumors of corruption swirl around the current leadership who is having issues connecting with the people of their country. Enter a mysterious individual who feels a bit like the shadowy individuals who manipulate politicians, but with a tech spin to it all.

Written by Jamie Me, the first issue is a solid start setting up the politics of the nation and the key characters involved. There’s a grounded reality about it, and as someone who works in politics, there’s a lot it gets right and feels about as authentic as you can get. I could relate in other words, and that’s a solid thing. While the situation is a bit over the top in how it plays out, that is the point of a story like this. But, even with that over the top aspect, it still actually is grounded in many ways mixing a lot of recent events into one narrative.

Bernard Gita‘s art is solid giving us a realistic look of characters in many ways and each character having their own personality in style. No one is over the top in that and with a political thriller like this, it’s not like there’s tons of action, but still Gita keeps you focused on the art as much as the story.

Political thriller, comic, I was sold on the concept, and can’t wait to see what the second issue is like. It’s a solid comic for folks who like this particular genre and if you are, you won’t be disappointed. In a year where political reality is stranger than fiction, this comic still entertains and is full of surprises.

Story: Jamie Me Art: Bernard Gita
Story: 8.1 Art: 7.9 Overall: 8.1 Recommendation: Buy

Graphic Policy was provided with a FREE copy for review