TV Review: Arrow S4E23 Schism

arrowSeason 4 ends with Oliver teaming up with a surprising force in an attempt to stop Damien Darhk and his magic once and for all.

Arrow ends its over the top fourth season attempting to stop nuclear bombs and Darhk. The episode defies logic so many times it actually pulled me out of it.

Exhibit one: Oliver shoots an arrow at Darhk with a crowd behind Darhk. The arrow would have hit someone in the crowd.

Exhibit two: Darhk’s magic is destroyed, but he can still feel Rubicon failing and control a bullet, after he loses his magic.

Things like this is just bad and uneven writing that has plagued the season. This finale is just a microcosm of the issue. A big battle ensues, and that battle looked like it could have been out of The Dark Knight Rises in its ridiculousness.

The episode does end with at least one thing that’s interesting, the revisiting of Oliver’s run for Mayor. Where this takes the fifth season could provide a lot of ground, and the episode as a whole leaves the team in a very different place than where they’ve been most of this season, also setting up what will hopefully be a very different fifth season.

The fourth season was far from excellent, or even good, but in its end its shaken Oliver and the Green Arrow up enough that things should at least be somewhat entertaining to see where it goes.

Overall rating: 6.85

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