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Ethan Young’s Pilgrim Finch Comes to Stela

pilgrim_finch_coverStela: Comics For Your Phone has announced the first chapter release of Eisner-nominated cartoonist Ethan Young‘s Pilgrim Finch, a Stela-exclusive digital graphic novel.

When a malfunction during cryo-sleep sends his ship off course, interstellar explorer and animal collector Finch finds himself on a strange alien world called Zumeroc. His ship damaged beyond repair, he must learn to survive in the mysterious jungle filled with large monoliths depicting strange beasts–not to mention the spooky shadow dogging his steps. Finch will need to learn how to negotiate the native population while overcoming his own issues and will need to call upon all his resourcefulness and learning if he hopes to make it through the night.

The story was inspired by Young’s son’s birth and the story tackles is first few weeks of life as a sci-fi story. Pilgrim Finch wakes up in a strange world the same way a newborn enters existence: scared, hungry, anxious, bewildered. We get to watch Finch develop throughout the story.

The first chapter of Pilgrim Finch is available today for free on the Stela: Comics For Your Phone app.