Angry Birds Knock Out Captain America: Civil War From First

Angry-Birds-final-quadThe Angry Birds Movie was top of the box office earning an estimated $39 million. That was more than enough to put the movie in first place. The film also earned $112 million in foreign markets to bring its total to $151 million. With a budget of $73 million, the animated film looks to be very profitable for Sony.

It bumped off Captain America: Civil War which dropped to second in its third week. The film earned $33.1 million. That had the film dropping a bit more than expected. The film has earned $347.4 million domestically and $706.1 million in foreign markets to bring its total to $1.053 billion. That makes it the first film of 2016 to cross the billion dollar mark.

Also opening this past weekend was Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising which came in third with $21.8 million. The film also earned $30 million in foreign markets to bring its total to $51.8 million. The domestic total is over 55% less than the original, and can only be considered a disappointment because of that. Also new was The Nice Guys which came in fourth and earned $11.3 million.

That dropped The Jungle Book to fifth with $11 million to bring its domestic total to $327.5 million and worldwide total to $857.7 million.

While Batman v Superman looks to be out of the theaters (though still gained some money over the week days), Deadpool added $120,000 to its domestic total and now stands at $763.1 million worldwide.

Next weekend sees the opening of X-Men: Apocalypse, but the film opened in foreign markets this past weekend. It debuted in 75 markets and brought in $103.3 million. Out of the 75 markets, the film was first place in 71 of them and had the largest opening for Fox in six of them. The opening number bests X-Men: Days of Future Past when you look at the same markets and factor in exchange rates. That film earned $100 million in the same markets. The film opens domestically this coming weekend, but faces tough competition with Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass.