Wizkids Teases Their Origins Game Fair Presentation With Lots of News & New D&D Dice Masters Set?

This year Origins Game Fair takes place June 15-19 in Columbus, Ohio and Wizkids will be giving a presentation showing off what we can expect to see down the road. The game company teased the presentation with a short video on Instagram that reveals a surprising amount of things.

Heroclix 15th Anniversary:

The initial slide teases special events and contests to take place to celebrate along with Special Edition releases. We also know the game is getting some new rules and finally there will be new product tie-ins (you can also see the booster box for Marvel Heroclix: Superior Foes of Spider-Man which releases July 20).

Dice Masters:

The first slide talks about foil cards, gravity feeds (what about them!?), Team Packs, and the upcoming DC Dice Masters: Green Arrow/Flash. When it comes to the new Team Packs, the first of which is Doctor Strange, the slide explains the packs cards and dice but no sidekicks, no basic action cards, and no rulebooks or dice bags. The pack includes Doctor Strange, Clea, Wong and Dormammu. The next panel shows off Doctor Strange, Clea, and Wong which you can see below, though it’s hard to make out specifics (anyone know where the art is from?). Finally, there’s the announcement of a new Rainbow Draft Weekend featuring Marvel Dice Masters and DC Dice Masters as well as Dungeons & Dragons Dice Masters: Strahd Rainbow Draft weekend in the Fall 2016. Is it a new set? Is it soemthign specific for the weekend? We’ll find out!