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Review: Goldie Vance #2

GoldieVance_002_A_MainTeen detective Goldie Vance returns in Goldie Vance #2, and she’s up to her knees in mystery. With the disappearance of Mr. Ludwig at the end of issue #1, Goldie embarked on what might be her biggest mystery yet. The energy of the series doesn’t lag in the second issue, thanks to writer Hope Larson’s lighter tone and Brittney Williams’s expressive art.

In the first issue, readers met Goldie, an adventurous sixteen-year-old girl who loves cars and mysteries. She uses her smarts and knowledge of her father’s hotel to assist guests and the hotel detective (whether he likes it or not). Goldie’s passion for helping people is explored even more in #2, when she faces a bigger mystery than initially thought and few clues to go by.

While the crime-solving aspect of the series is both fun and intriguing, what really makes it shine is the inclusion of outside characters. Goldie’s friends and family are a unique group of people who enrich her story rather than functioning solely as background characters. It’s a perfect series for younger readers, as they will likely be able to relate to at least one of the characters. The series also provides a great representation of characters of color as well as separated parents. Goldie Vance #2 introduces Goldie’s mom, as well as the much-discussed Sugar Maple. Despite the influx of information, the story’s pacing is even without overloading the reader.

The art is consistently wonderful, with a bold style that fits the characters’ bold personalities. Goldie is drawn with particular attention to her expressions, and her opinions on a situation are immediately clear by her face. She’s an energetic and relatable character, and Williams’s art ensures that. Sarah Stern’s coloring is also a vital aspect of the art, with bright palettes that add to the energy of the series. They perfectly convey the tone and mood of the story. Together, Williams and Stern create an adorable retro aesthetic.

Overall, the second issue is just as solid as the first. With any luck, the series will be extended, because Goldie is a character you’ll want to read about for a long time.

Story: Hope Larson Art: Brittney Williams
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.5 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Read

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