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Captain America: Civil War Repeats, While Marvel Crosses $10 Billion

Captain America Civil WarCaptain America: Civil War sat at the top of the box office again with an estimated $72.6 million. That’s about a 59% drop which is similar to Avengers: Age of Ultron. So far the film has earned $295.9 million domestically. The film also earned $84.2 million making its international earnings an even $645 million. That puts it at $940.9 million worldwide and currently sitting in second behind Zootopia for the top earner of 2016. The film will easily pass $1 billion making it the first film in 2016 to do so.

Captain America: Civil War‘s performance along with the other films comprising the 13 films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has pushed Marvel to having earned over $10 billion worldwide.

In second place was The Jungle Book which earned an estimated $17.8 million in its fifth week. Following that were two new films Money Monster which earned an estimated $15 million and The Darkness which earned $5.2 million.

In other comic film news, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was #14 earning $535,500 to bring its domestic total to $328.2 million and worldwide total to $868.8 million.

Even though it’s out on DVD and digital Deadpool added $200,000 to its total to bring its domestic total to $362.5 million and worldwide to $762.4 million.

This coming week should be interesting as X-Men: Apocalypse opens internationally (except for China and Japan) and Neighbors 2 opens domestically.

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