Review: Unleash #1


Soon to be a feature film! Assault survivor Emmie wants to change the world by creating her own superhero persona. Unfortunately her plans are limited, as being a hero takes more than a costume. In a strange twist of fate, Emmie forms an agreement with the most unlikely crime-fighting partner you could imagine. Now she can lay her own brand of twisted justice down on sexual predators.

Words by El Torres and screenwriter Jennifer Van Gessel, issue #1 features art by acclaimed artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta with interior pages by Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora.

Ah, destiny it is filled with dark, and slightly ironic sense of justice. Following a dark, stormy day, and a very unfortunate event Emmie changes. Almost radically so, as her sense of self gets twisted. Going from seemingly normal teen, into something darker as her vigilante side comes to life.

The cover is a misdirect of sorts, sense the “rape machine,” looks like some sort of bondage mummy. While the origin of the rape machine is hidden, its design is oddly curious. There are some more graphic scenes in depicting rape, that are well drawn despite the illegal nature of the act.

This is definitely for mature readers, you’ve been warned!

Story: El Torres, Jennifer Van Gessel
Art: Gaberiel Hernandez Walta, Nacho Tenorio, Sergio Mora
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy but be warned

Amigo Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review