4 Kids Walk Into a Bank and a Signing at Midtown Comics

20160428_192310.jpgYet another awesome signing at Midtown Comic’s NYC downtown location at Fulton Street.  This past Thursday, Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss were onsite for the launch of their new book: 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank.  Also, I met some cool fans while waiting on line, including Brian, Francis, and P.J.–a probie firefighter, and a true hero, from Brooklyn’s FDNY Engine 224.

The response to this book has been incredible.  Even here at our site the staff has, in a rare show of unison, demonstrated their love of the comic. No mean feat, given what a harmonious lot–yes that’s sarcasm–us comic book fans can be. You can read positive reviews about this fun and charming book here and here and here. Rarely do you see a comic book strike such a common chord across a wide fan base. This one is definitely something special. It has a certain je ne sais quoi that can’t be codified or quantified in any meaningful way–in short … it’s a hit.

Pick it up.  Plenty of copies floating around (at least on the East Coast), so it shouldn’t be too hard to find; or follow Matthew Rosenberg @ashcanpress on Twitter. He and Tyler are dropping signed copies all over the place, and tweeting about it.  Worst case scenario, I already hear from the rumor mill that a second printing is slated for May 25th.

Again, a special thanks to Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss for signing all my books, and I am looking forward to that podcast. Really, I am!