Jungle Book Repeats in First While the Huntsman Swings and Misses

The Jungle Book 2016The Jungle Book was the top of the box office for the second weekend in a row earning an estimated additional $60.8 million bringing its domestic total to $191.5 million after two weeks.

The film easily defeated the competition with second place going to The Huntsman: Winter’s War which earned an estimated $20.1 million. That is just 36% of its predecessor Snow White and the Huntsman. The film did bring in $100.2 million worldwide.

A few other new films failed to break into the top ten.

In more comic related film news, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was in sixth place adding $5.52 million to its domestic total and $319.5 million. The film has brought its worldwide total up to $851.6 million.

With the DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital release looming Deadpool still continues to earn adding $685,000 to its domestic total coming in 15th. The film’s total domestic earning is $361.1 million and worldwide it stands at $760.2 million.