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After Vertigo Shake Up, Sexual Harassment Allegations Resurface

eddie berganzaIt wasn’t long after the news of the firing of Shelly Bond and restructuring of Vertigo by DC Entertainment that folks begin questioning why someone like Bond was let go while others in the industry who have histories of sexual harassment keep their positions. One of those people mentioned specifically was Eddie Berganza, currently the Group Editor for Superman titles at DC Comics.

I had known of the incidents for some time, but with everything of its nature things always need to be researched, checked, double checked, get permission from those who recount stories, check those stories, etc. etc. Covering this sort of issue was nothing new for the site, but there’s right ways to do it, and I like to try to do it the right way.

So when people decided to name names it was absolutely time to write what was known as now it wasn’t just an open secret, it was just open. And I pondered all day as to what to write, then I didn’t have to really write anything, because there’s two solid pieces that you should read that covers it all.

Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool does an excellent job of recounting the incidents, the facts, the fall out, everything you need to know about it. And he fills in some gaps I didn’t know about. Credit where credit is due, he nails it with facts.

Then Heidi MacDonald at The Beat also posted an article that is an fantastic companion piece to Johnston’s post.

When it comes to the details, I have nothing to add, and they do a much better job than I could have.

What I will add and state is that harassment is still pervasive in geekdom whether in offices, at conventions, or in stores. It should not be tolerated, accepted, or swept under the rug. We as an industry and as fans should be aware it is present, and do everything we can to help make comics an inclusive and welcoming place.

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