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TV Review: Thunderbirds Are Go S1E7 Runaway

©ITV PlcIn this episode of Thunderbirds Are Go, when a trains systems goes offline and it begins to crash, Scott and Brains must work together to get it’s engines back online. Even if it means Brains facing his fears.

Again the series forgoes the big picture political/social commentary instead of challenging different members of the teams to face personal issues much like last episodes theme of relying too much on technology. This one instead is about facing fears and at the same time it continues to build on this ongoing mystery story of the cloaked mysterious bad guy, the Hood.

Much like the last two episodes, we’re continuing to get a bit more of a long form story instead of some issue of the week. There’s a big bad out there and things are clearly building towards something. It’s nice to see the show continue to focus more on that type of storytelling on top of the action of the week. And, it’s clear by the revelation at the end of the episode that there’s more to come in that department.

And the action is solid as usual. There’s some good moments and it feels like a classic action television show with the usual good use of music. I think the series has been nailing it when it comes to that and each episode delivers in that aspect. I’ve never been disappointed as the action keeps on delivering.

While continues the slump from last week as far as quality, it’s still entertaining and shows the strength of the show and its ability to change things up a bit.

Overall Rating: 7.55

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